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What are the types of Sticker Labeling Machine

What are the types of Sticker Labeling Machine?

Nowadays, the demands of Sticker Labeling Machine is growing, more and more customer send the inquiry to us, hope to find a suitable labeling machine for their products, they are from different industries, food, chemical, medicine, cosmetic and so on.Actually our labeler machines are widely used in these industries.

Here I would like to introduce the types of sticker labeling machine:

1.Double Side Labeling Machine-(front and back labeling, single side, two sides, also 3 panel.) For placing the labels on one side, two sides or three sides for flat, round and square bottles, can be customized as your labeling request.

2.Vertical Wrap Labeling-(round bottle labeling) For placing the labels straight walled round bottles, full body wrap or semi-wrap.Also for some bottles, we also can do positioning type labeling.

3.Horizontal Wrap Labeling-(oral bottles, vials) For the small round bottles which not easy to stand on the conveyor.

4.Flat Labeling-(flat surface, paper, bag labeling) For the objects which has the flat surface, like CD, paper, box etc.Also we have a special design for bags, can automatically feeding the bags to the conveyor for labeling machine, and collecting the bags after been labeled.

So no matter what kinds of bottles you have, don’t worry, just come to us, we shall provide a professional solution to you, also free testing is available!

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