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Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Lebanon Customer

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for different material bottles


Function:body shrink sleeve labeling

Bottle material:HDPE,PET

Customer pictures:

Customer request:

Dear Sir

We are interested about automatic sleeve label machine with heat shrink tunnel or steam tunnel with steam generator.

Our product will sleeved before filling it means the cover of the bottle or jar will be open when it be sleeved then go to filling. I think the heat tunnel is better than the steam one because the jar or the bottle must be dry no any water

Please send us quotation of

·        JL-150 prices

·        Heat shrink tunnel price

·        Steam tunnel price and the steam generator

FOB or CIF Beirut

Best Regards


According to the pictures, we asked our customer to send the bottle and label samples to us, we need to have a check and make a solution accordingly.After we got the samples, we made a detailed solution, all these bottles can be used on one machine, just need to replace the change parts.

So I think this case should be a very good example to all of you, because there are different material bottles and different size, maybe you just has the similar product as their, so don’t hesitate, calling us, let us talk details!



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