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Double Side Adhesive Labeling Machine for Mexico Customer

Double Side Adhesive Labeling Machine-Mexico Customer


Function:front and back labeling

Container size : H:11.5cm with cap, W: 6.5cm

Label size : H:5.5cm,W: 4.5cm

Capacity:140 pcs/min

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I'm looking for a labelling machine for STICK DEODORANT. Could you help me?

Best Regards!


two sides labelling machine for stick deodorant

This customer needs the capacity of 140pcs/min, high speed labeling request, but for us it is no problem, we use servo motor to control the speed, can be reached at 140-200pcs/min. Actually, the application of Double Side Adhesive Labeling Machine is widely, not only suitable for flat bottles, square bottles, also can be used for round bottle, for side labeling request.

You pls check the product details, if you also in the need of this machine, just feel free to contact me, free testing can be

provide on request!



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