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Nigeria inquiry about shrink sleeve labeling machine

Nigeria inquiry about Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Item:JL-350 Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Products:PET labels

Customer request:

"We are based in Nigeria and want to buy your auto shrink label machine model 350. Kindly send me your quote for the machine and price for PET shrink labels materials /kg We will definitely buy from you if we find your price and quality very competitive "

The model JL-350 Shrink sleeve labeling machine is widely used for round and square bottles, can do bottle neck labeling, half body labeling and full body labeling.Normally the PET material label is good for the sleeve labeling machine.


1.The sleeve labeling system is ideal for high-speed beverage, dairy and household product packaging lines.

2.It applies both full-sleeve shrink labels and tamper-evident sleeves at rates up to 450 bottles per minute.

3.It suitable for the bottle comes with PVC,PET and OPS material labels.

4.Whole machine with high quality SUS304 material ,waterproof.

5.All of our solutions are customized with the customer’s product and label size.

If you have the similar request to the shrink sleeve labeling machine, you are welcome to ask a quotation.



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