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Two Sided Labeling Machine for beer bottle

Two sided labeling machine for beer bottle


Function: front, back, neck and wrap around labeling.

Customer product picture:

As you can see the upper picture, the customer has total four labels. Front, back and neck label for the beer bottle, and another wrap around bottle.With the development of technology, the labeling needs, has been more and more multifunctional. Our customer wants that, one machine combine the front, back, neck and wrap around labeling functions.

We checked the customer's bottle and labels, discussed for more details, then the machine customized with three labeling head for the beer bottle labeling, and add an extra round bottle device for the wrap around labeling, each device can be worked independently, so actually the machine can be used for kinds of bottle labeling, even square bottle labeling.

So if you have some unique thoughts of the labeling request, just come to us, sure we will provide a perfect labeling solution to you.



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