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How to use and maintain hot melt glue labeling machine

How to use and maintain hot melt glue opp labeling machine?

Labeling machine is widely used, it has the advantages of clean and hygienic, not moldy, labeling beautiful, firm, not fall off, high production efficiency etc. So, how to use and maintain the labeling machine correctly?

Labeling machine is very important in our life, it is mainly used in electronic and electrical appliances, medicine, daily chemical, food, beverages and other industries, involving a wide range. Sticking the labels related to the important information of the items to the products through the labeling machine, makes the consumers understand the brand name and other information of the products in the purchase of them.

A lot of manufacturers choose modern labeling machines to label their own products. However, many of them are not familiar with machinery, they learned to operate labeling machine, but ignored the day-to-day maintenance for the labeling machine. In fact, the correct use and maintenance can make labeling machine to play the effectiveness better and prolong the service life.

1.First of all, you must do a good cleaning job. Labeling machine is very easy to suck in dust in the running process, so be sure to regularly clean up the dust on the labeling machine.

2.If you do not use the labeling machine, you should unplug the power and cover it with dust cloth to avoid dust falling on the labeling machine. In addition, you also need to decontaminate the high-temperature belt of the labeling machine regularly, so as to better ensure the labeling machine’s high-quality operation.

3.Second, do not forget to apply some lubricant when you maintain the labeling machine. Labeling machine should be applied to a certain amount of lubricating oil after a long period of operation. Many parts of the labeling machine, such as gears, bearings and gearboxes are easy to rust and wear after a period of use, while coated with lubricating oil, you can ensure that all parts of labeling machine smooth. Labeling machine should be coated with some lubricating oil in the continuous work for more than 48 hours.



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