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  • Sleeve Labeler for Bottle Body and Neck Sleeving

Sleeve Labeler for Bottle Body and Neck Sleeving


Model JL-D250
Speed 250bottle per minute for bottle neck and body
Diameter of bottle


Height of bottle 30mm-280mm
Label Material PVC,PET,OPS
Applicable label length 30mm-250mm
Applicable label thickness 0.027mm-0.13mm
Transparent label length ≥5mm
Inner diameter of paper tube ≥4"
Outside diameter of paper tube ≤500mm
Voltage 380V,50/60Hz,3PH
Power 2KW
Machine size 3000mmx1200mmx2200mm
Weight 1200KG


1.The sleeve labeling system is ideal for high-speed beverage, dairy and household product packaging lines.

2.It can sleeve label for bottle neck and body at same time

3.It suitable for the bottle comes with PVC,PET and OPS material labels.

4.Whole machine with high quality SUS304 material ,waterproof.

5.All of our solutions are customized with the customer’s product and label size.

6. The new cutter design is driven by a servo motor, with high speed, stable and accurate action, flat incision, and beautiful shrinkage. With the label synchronization positioning mechanism, the incision positioning accuracy is as high as 1mm.

7. Reasonably optimize the PLC program, and increase the photoelectric delay, card mark, high mark and other functions.

8. The mechanical transmission belts are imported products, with higher wear resistance and longer lasting.

9. Inverter, servo motor, servo driver and other electrical appliances are imported brands.

10. The bottle-separating screw, positioning belt and conveying chain plate are adjusted synchronously, and the speed adjustment is simple and fast.

11. Simple central guide post positioning, easier to change specifications, more convenient for operators to use, and easy to understand and learn to operate.

12. Stainless steel parts such as frame, unit and screws are all made of SUS304 material, which is more durable.

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