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  • Semi-auto Manual Tabletop Flat Surface Adhesive Labeling Machine

Semi-auto Manual Tabletop Flat Surface Adhesive Labeling Machine


Model BGJ-50
Label Material Paper
Labeling precision ±1mm
Labeling speed 20-30BPM
Applicable product size Min:20x20mm,Max:150x150mm
Applicable label size Min:15x15mm,Max:100x100mm
Package wooden case
Power 220V,50/60Hz
Weight 40KG


1. The mechanical structure is miniature design, occupying less space, and the manual labeler machine is easy to move and install in the assembly line

2. Adopt product-oriented gap elimination mechanism and label anti-deviation mechanism, and label positioning accuracy is as high as ±0.5mm

3. The labeling stability is good, the labeling is flat, wrinkle-free, and bubble-free, which can meet the requirements of labeling on the plane and large arc surface of most products

4. The ingenious design of the structural combination of the mechanical adjustment part and the label winding makes it easy to fine-tune the degree of freedom of the labeling position (it can be fixed after adjustment), which makes the conversion between different products and label winding simple and time-saving

5. With no label, no label automatic calibration and automatic detection function

6. The main materials of the equipment are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, the overall structure is firm and beautiful



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