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  • Roll Fed OPP Labeler Machine

Roll Fed OPP Labeler Machine


Model JL-0802R
Capacity 12000(500ml)
Applicable bottle square bottle or round bottle
Labeling precision +/-1mm
Air compression 5kg f/cm2
Air consumption 20L/min
Max labeling feeding speed 100m/min
Voltage 380V,50Hz
Power 9KW
Machine size L3000mm*W2000mm*H2000mm
Weight 2500KG


1.Fully automatic rotary running operation

2.Maximum production speed of 8000BPH.

3.Height adjustments to suit kinds or bottle sizes.

4.Imported gluing unit sprays minimal quantity of hot melt glue.

5.Minimal change-over time, to shift from one size to an another size of the bottle.

6.The machine is suitable to work cylindrical or shaped containers or square bottle which made of plastic, glass or metal with wrap-around labels.



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