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South Africa customer ordered jar sleeve labeling machine

South Africa customer ordered jar sleeve labeling machine

Our South Africa confirmed order for glass bottle Shrink Sleeve Applicator, which requirement is Maximum sleeve lengths will be 225mm, normal sleeve length around 80mm, Bottle heights are around 85mm to 140mm, will arrange samples, Machine is  up to 150-200 BPM.  at the moment they shrinking the full bottle. The customer will be applying full bottle sleeves but would at some point in the future look at applying half bottle sleeves once we have these machines rolled out across our packing lines. The shortest sleeve length will be 80mm and longest sleeve length will be 225mm. The sleeve applicator needs to accommodate lengths between these two limits. I will confirm our current layflat size being used on our sleeve applicator and also see whether this can be used on both option 1 & 3 below.

Bottle Dia 46mm  Cap Dia 51mm  advice layflat size 86.5mm
Bottle Dia 56mm  Cap Dia 53mm advice layflat size 89.5mm
Bottle Dia 46mm  Cap Dia 44mm  advice layflat size 75.5mm

so we recommend our TB-S150 sleeve labeling machine, ZQ-2000 steam shrink tunnel and 64KW steam generator. two set of changeover for other two size.

Around take 2 weeks, customer alexi send us purchase order and make 50% for sleeve applicator production starting. thanks for your choose us again, this customer before ordered one set of rotary opp labeler machine for square bottle, and one set of Shrink Sleeve Applicator for plastic bottle.

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