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  • Inline Roll Fed Labeling Machine for Square Bottle

Inline Roll Fed Labeling Machine for Square Bottle

  • Product Item : JL-0602R
  • Category: Hot Melt Labeling Machine
  • Hot melt technology for roll-fed label
  • Wrap around labeling of glass, plastic containers.
  • Economical continuous running operation
  • Hot glue application


Model JL-0602R
Capacity 15000(500ml)
Applicable bottle square bottle or round bottle
Labeling precision +/-1mm
Air compression 5kg f/cm2
Air consumption 20L/min
Max labeling feeding speed 100m/min
Voltage 380V,50Hz
Power 9KW
Machine size L3000mm*W2000mm*H2000mm
Weight 2500KG


This labeler machine is to position and stick OPP, BOPP and paper labels on the round bottles, the labels are uncoated labels on rolls. The machine automatically feeds labels, slits labels, glues both ends of labels, labels, and touches labels.

This machine is suitable for mineral water, beverage, food, condiment and other industries, and realizes the cutting, gluing and labeling of round bottles.


1. The system adopts Siemens microcomputer control, the touch screen directly clicks the menu operation mode, and the parameter adjustment is convenient and intuitive.

2. By replacing the bottle feeding screw, the star wheel and the bottle holder can be suitable for high-speed labeling of bottles of various specifications.

3. The sensitivity of the label electric eye is adjustable, especially for transparent labels and label backing papers with different light transmittances, which can be used for identification and comparison.

4. The electric eye for measuring objects is not disturbed by external signals such as external light or ultrasonic waves, and the detection is accurate to ensure the accuracy of labeling.

5. All mechanisms including racks, conveyors, blocking rods and fasteners are all made of stainless steel, aluminum profiles and engineering plastics, never rusted, pollution-free, and in line with GMP environmental requirements.

6. All system control components have international standardization certification, and have undergone strict factory inspection and testing to ensure the reliability of various functions.

7. The working state and fault of the machine have reminder and warning function, which makes the operation and maintenance more convenient and safe.

Check before operation

1. Before connecting the pneumatic system, it is best to disconnect the air circuit to facilitate the connection.

2. Use an approved standard air hose to connect the pneumatic system.

3. Connect the air tube to the inlet of the device's pneumatic system.

4. Turn on the gas circuit switch and connect the gas circuit.

5. Adjust the filter pressure reducing valve, observe the air pressure value on the pressure gauge, and adjust it to about 4-5kg.

6. Check whether the power switch is in the disconnected position (the arrow points to OFF), if not, turn it to the disconnected position;

7. Check whether the electrical connection is correct, and use a multimeter to confirm that there is no short circuit in all wiring;

8. After checking, connect the main power supply,

9. Turn the power rotary switch on (the arrow points to ON).

Machine details:



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