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How to choose the bopp labeling machine

How to choose the bopp labeling machine

When we choose the bopp labeling machine, we need to consider a lot of things, not only need a comprehensive consideration of the actual situation of the production , but also with the follow-up use of the labeling machines, then choose a cost-effective and appropriate one.

So what will we need to consider when we buy the labeling machine?

It can be divided according to the type of work power, the structure and the work principle, the start and operation mode, the use of the machine, the structure of the rotor,  and the operating speed. Thus it can be seen that labeling machine has many types and models. How should we choose it:

1.According to the power, we choose the rated voltage of Shanghai labeling Machine.

2.According to the transfer and transmission equipment required by the product,  we select the revolution of Akvo automation equipment.

3.According to the location of the product equipment installed and the use of the environment to choose the structure and protection methods of Shanghai labeling machine.

4.The power rating of labeling machine is also very important, which determines whether the product can be used normally. So we should choose according to the power capacity required by the carry load and the operation mode of the labeling machine.



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