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  • Full Body Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for PET Bottle

Full Body Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for PET Bottle

  • Product Item : JL-T250
  • Category: Sleeve Labeling Machine
  • Improve your production efficiency
  • User friendly touch screen control
  • Middle, full body and cap shrink applications
  • Cost Effective Equipment


Model JL-T250
Speed ≤12000BPH
Diameter of bottle φ28mm-φ125mm
Height of bottle 30mm-280mm
Label material PVC,PET,OPS
Applicable label length 30mm-250mm
Applicable label thickness 0.027mm-0.13mm
Transparent label length ≥5mm
Inner diameter of paper tube ≥4“
Outside diameter of paper tube ≤500mm
Voltage 380V,50/60Hz,3PH
Power 2KW
Machine size 2300mmx850mmx2000mm
Weight 1200KG


1. The full-cover type 304 stainless steel main frame ensures that the machine is waterproof, rust-free and structurally stable

2. The rotary cut-off cutter head ensures long machine life, convenient and fast tool change, and smooth and beautiful cutting surface

3. Single-machine synchronous drive six-point positioning center guide column ensures stable, accurate and smooth label transmission

4. The label control electric eye frame ensures that the position of the sub-label is easy to adjust, and the film material cutting accuracy is higher

5. Synchronous bottle divider: The bottle conveys smoothly and evenly, ensuring long-term efficient and stable work

6. Single-machine synchronous drive brushing to ensure accurate label feeding

7. The bottle detection and label control electric eye adopts imported high-precision photoelectric sensors to ensure that the label segmentation is accurate and accurate, and the label is not blocked or leaked;

Modular component design

1. The whole machine adopts modular component design, the mechanical structure between components is independent, and the maintenance is only for one component, which is super convenient;

2. The motor of the main part of the machine head is free to rise and fall: the height of the bottle can be adjusted according to the height of the bottle, and the space can also be adjusted for maintenance;

3. The bottle dividing assembly can be freely adjusted up and down: the center of gravity of the bottle can be adjusted according to the height, and the size of the bottle can be adjusted;

4. The bottle assembly can be freely adjusted up and down: the size of the bottle is adjustable, and the position of the sleeve label is adjustable;

5. The cutter head and the center column can be disassembled at will, and the adjustment of the sleeve labeler machine head, the bottle dividing group and the bottle group can be done without any tools.

6. The bottle type, label and center column can be changed within 10 minutes;

7. Synchronous mechanism drive, any drive belt replacement can be completed quickly within 10 minutes, which is easier and simpler to maintain than the traditional multi-layer link arm type (replacement and repair takes more than six hours).

Applicable industry and bottle type

Industry: Juice, tea drinks, dairy products, mineral water, purified water, sports drinks, condiments, sugar and wine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents and other food and beverage industries, daily necessities industries.

Bottle type: round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, curved bottle, special-shaped bottle, cup, barrel, filling, etc.

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